Stevie Ray Vaughan's #1 Guitar Strap Comes Home to Austin

Stevie Ray Vaughan's #1 Guitar Strap Comes Home to Austin

Apr 19th 2019

Austin City Gift Baskets recently acquired Stevie Ray Vaughan’s famous musical note guitar strap at auction in order to bring the renowned guitar strap back home to Austin where it belongs. Owner, Laura Brown and Rob Mata made the original sale together. It has now made it's home with Rob who was very fortunate to have seen SRV perform many times throughout Austin as the city’s legendary bluesman made his claim to fame. He has collected SRV ticket stubs, autographs and assorted memorabilia over the years.

Like many of us who call Austin home, most have a strong appreciation for the late performer’s talent and legacy and this is SRV’s very first original, #1 music note guitar strap that he literally cut his teeth with and made a name for himself while using it night after night throughout Austin and surrounding Texas cities. Needless to say, SRV made the musical note strap famous and is still being sold today almost 30 years after SRV’s untimely passing

The strap was originally purchased at the historic “Ray Hennig’s Heart of Texas Music” on South Lamar by SRV’s long-time friend Cutter Brandenburg who met SRV when he was only 14 years old and literally drove him to his gigs in Austin and throughout Texas. It was up for auction after an estate sale and was shipped to us from California. 

Austin City Gift Baskets plans on putting this infamous strap on display throughout Austin on occasion so that other Austinites can enjoy and appreciate it as well.

A special edition “SRV Tribute Basket” will be offered for a limited time.